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History & Links

A recent history of the Yonge/401 interchange project:

Sept. 2006 – Toronto City Council approves Councillor John Filion’s motion (p.245) directing staff to undertake a Traffic and Pedestrian Management study for the area of Yonge Street between Sheppard Avenue and Highway 401.

June 2010 – City of Toronto completes the Yonge Street Traffic Management Study.  Council directs staff to request the Ministry of Transportation implement a solution within 7 years.

Nov. 2011 – Minister of Transportation Kathleen Wynne attends a meeting of the Yonge Corridor Condominium Association with John Filion and commits to partnering with the City on a Functional Planning study.

Sept. 2013 – The City completes the Transportation Infrastructure Planning Study co-funded by the Province exploring the feasibility of various interchange options.

Oct. 2013 – At a public meeting presenting the findings of the recently completed study, City of Toronto officials express their interest in proceeding immediately to an Environmental Assessment (EA).  Provincial officials insist that a Feasibility Study precede an EA and agree to further cost sharing conditional on the outcome of that study.

Nov. 2013Council directs staff to secure a commitment for the cost sharing of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA).

Jan. 2014 – City of Toronto updates its Capital Budget (p.9) committing its share of construction costs towards the most costly solution identified in the 2013 report.

July 2014 – A Feasibility Study of the interchange begins cost shared by the City and Province.

June 2015 – A public meeting to present the findings of the Feasibility Study is tentatively scheduled, then postponed indefinitely awaiting the Ministry of Transportation to take a position on the study’s findings.

July 2015 – City of Toronto Transportation Staff send a letter to the Ministry of Transportation (page 1page 2) urging them to complete the Feasibility Study and agree to commencing an Environmental Assessment (EA).

December 2015 – A motion presented by Councillor John Filion leads Council to reaffirm its commitment to the Yonge/401 interchange and asks Mayor John Tory to address the matter directly with Premier Kathleen Wynne.

April 2016 – Mayor John Tory sends a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne (page 1page 2page 3) outlining the City’s position.

May 2016 – The Ministry of Transportation sends a letter to City of Toronto Transportation staff (page 1page 2) declining to commit to an EA, but committing to the start of a new study “to identify improvement to the highway which will be required to mitigate these negative (traffic) impacts.”

June 2016 – Councillor John Filion writes an open letter to Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca (page 1page 2) and launches a community petition requesting a firm commitment from the Province on constructing a solution and a full timeline to be established.